MD NutriCosmetic Labs LLC is a privately held Nutricosmetic company based in Southern California that specializes in the development and production of cutting edge products to enhance beauty, health and wellness.  Founded by Michelle Ahrens, MD NutriCosmetics Labs executive team has combined experiences that complement one another and range from research and development, marketing, operations, scientific research and multi-media advertising.  MD NutriCosmetic Labs flagship product LANAKIN (LA=Lashes, NA=Nails, KIN=Skin&Hair), is the first Lash growth product that works from within the body to promote longer, fuller lashes that last.


To dedicate necessary resources in the development of products that deliver uncompromised quality and efficacy.

To maintain proactive measures to discover new therapies through the use of natural ingredients to deliver solutions to those in need.

To absorb valuable knowledge needed to obtain optimal health and return the knowledge back to mankind through our innovative products.

To provide our valued customers with uncompromised service and support.


LANAKIN has been formulated by one of the top natural product formulator in the industry. It is first of its kind for natural lash growth. Infused with a special blend, LANAKIN works from within. Unlike other products that are on the market, LANAKIN does not have any harmful side effects such as discoloration of the skin around the eyes or vision impairment. LANAKIN works with your body to boost proteins which are essential for hair growth.


After six weeks, subject’s eyelash length improved by 34%, eyelash thickness by 52%. Improvement in skin condition 38%, hair condition 41% and nail condition improved by 55%. 100% of the group experienced a positive effect on the condition of lashes, hair, skin and or nails. 0% of the subjects in our independent study experience negative side-effects.

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